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The doors of the GIL City Jail revolve with ordinary guys who got caught up in Officer Justin Denali's jurisdiction. Officer Denali takes an unconventional angle to serving justice with a strict structure, swift discipline and a sprinkle of humiliation for good measure. Officer Denali is a straight man... but that won't stop him from thoroughly cavity searching a prisoner now and then. Once you enter lockup at the GIL City Jail, you’ll go behind the scenes and witness first hand what the public eye rarely sees:

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Come get locked-up with Guys in Lockup at the GIL City Jail with an all-access Visitor's Pass and immerse yourself in the Guys in Lockup experience including more of a focus on jail and prison lock up procedures with lots of cuffed hands and shackled feet...  It can be very humiliating!!!   

Video updates are done frequently. This is a niche site and this type of content is expensive to produce and we put it up on the site as fast as we can upload it after it is filmed.  Our video's are somewhat long and we run the Money Shot a total of three (3) times in a row for your viewing pleasure, please understand, not all videos (mostly the newer ones) will, however, contain a Money Shot, as our research shows that most of our subscribers just want to see the procedure of searching and locking up guys!!!  You WILL see every criminal we lock up butt naked and cavity searched in the videos and pictures!!! There are thousands of pictures spread across the Pic Packs and make sure that you check out ALL the videos, not just the ones that show on the first page!!! Thank you ahead of time for signing up and giving us a shot to entertain you... thank you for your support,  please tell your friends that are into this kind of content and most importantly, we want to hear from you of what you like and want to see or see more of!!  Please hit us up: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

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