About the GuysInLockup Experience

Posted on Fri, 19 February 2016

The GuysInLockup experience is created for those into jail and prison lockup. GuysInLockup.com offers the best in adult jail porn, featuring hot guys and regular guys locked up at the GIL City Jail performing XXX videos. Watch our hot looking guys jerking off in solo masturbation scenes and a few guy on guy sex scenes in a jail prison setting! GuysInLockup.com exposes life in lockup from arrest to release. Officer Justin Denali with the GIL City Police Department is on patrol, making arrests, chaining the guys up with the hands cuffed and feet shackled ready for transport to jail / prison lockup in the back of a real police car.

The Guys In Lockup experience offers you a full High Definition vision of guys in lockup, which begins for our Inmates when steel door of the jail intake area closes behind them. Officer Denali escorting them restrained with cuffed hands, waist chains and shackled feet, shackled boots or shackled Nike Shox / sneakers. Mugshot photographs are taken and finger prints recorded. An Offender's dignity is stripped along with his clothes during the strip search and visual cavity search procedures where they'll be required to lift their penis / nuts and have their personal stuff boxed up and labled for storage, then dressed out in the Orange Prison Uniform. All inmates and prisoners are locked in a jail cell for their various crimes. The jail bunks is where they lay back and pull thier cock and enjoy their time alone and sometimes with a fellow inmate assisting and even engaging in hard core sex. During Inmate Transport to court, other jails or prison, security is paramount. This is when the total chain up from head to toe utilizes handcuffs, the infamous black handcuff box ('Black Box'), belly chains, and chain gang shackles. Doing hard time at the GIL City Jail is about discipline, sometimes on the chain gang, but its the discipline they need and sometimes the Inmate is actually reformed all thanks to Officer Justin Denali and GuysInLockup!!

Guys In Lockup is the best and most realistic HD Porn Jail Site on the internet! Come serve some time for Officer Justin Denali, he will be the best thing for you and serving time for Officer Denali and Guys In Lockup is a correctional experience that will satisfy any Prosecutor or Judge! Some of our HD Porn Videos are long, but the story has to be told and the Jail Experience is never quick!