3/14/18 Guys In Lockup with another hot and very real video coming up this Friday... Officer Denali arrests another of his real former classmates!!! Word gets around when one of Justin's former buddies gets arrested, transported, cavity searched and jailed... it appears that there were others involved in the theft from their employer!!! This blonde dude is perfect for lockup!!! (Isaac Grant - Transported - Cavity Searched - Jailed - Solo) goes live 8pm ET and yes he was really a former clasmate of Officer Denali and a co-worker of Hawk Michaels... both just regular guys, now in Officer Denali's jail custody and trying to walk in cuffs and shackles for the first time in their lives!!! Enjoy!!!

3/9/18 Guys In Lockup... yes, Hawk Michaels is Officer Justin Denali's former high school classmate... Enjoy watching him strip down and cavity search his old buddy in tonight's update!!!  

3/7/18 Guys In Lockup has been busy with Officer Denali locking guys up and filling certain requests! This weeks video update is one to do just that! Officer Denali locks up his old friend from high school... not CJ Ricci but another dude he went to school with named Hawk Michaels who was caught stealing from his employer! Officer Denali has a job to do and his old high school friend isn't too happy about it! They argue back and forth through the video but at the end of the day, Hawk Michaels has to be stripped down, cavity searched and jailed because it is Officer Denali's job! Check out this hot video (Hawk Michaels - Transport - Jailed - Solo) as it goes live Friday at 7pm!!! Let us know what you think of this video: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

2/28/18 Guys In Lockup has gotten several requests for guys to be brought in for lockup that are wearing suits... well this week we have (Yanek Bell - Jailed - To Prison - Solo) to fill that request. Criminal Trash Yanek Bell was too good to show up at his court date and the Judge said go get his ass and bring him in and after you strip him down, transport him out to the state prison prison for housing. Officer Denali doesn't jack around with those who disrespect the Judge and the Court and in a flash he is bringing him in after he took his criminal ass right from his business meeting!! He was all dressed up in his suit, nice shoes and tie! Interesting to see a guy all dressed up in a business suit trying to walk in shackles! Lol! This video will be streaming Friday at 7pm ET!!!  Make sure to send us your feedback: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

2/21/18 Guys In Lockup has another regular guy in custody (Gary Barnes - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Officer Denali saw this 28 year old "IT Guy" working in an office and decided to do some checking... yes, he's a very slick criminal as he was stealing money from his employer... Officer Denali thought he would look much better, stripped out of his Street Clothes and dressed out in a nice Orange Prison Uniform... Officer Denali will take whomever he wants into custody and whenever he wants!! This average dude gets stripped, cavity searched and locked up Friday at 7pm ET... ENJOY his perp-walk with shackled feet, cuffed hands and an AWESOME Cum Shot while locked in the jail cell!!!!!!

2/15/18 Guys In Lockup doing the dudes up right with cuffs, shackles and chains!! Such as this weeks video update: (Brian Coleman - Parole Revoked - Jailed - Solo) Yes, it is that Brian Coleman... he was released on parole and now that has been revoked and Officer Denali is bringing him in, all chained up so tight and secure!!! This dude has a nice but average body and the restraints look so good on him as he tries to walk in his sweaty DC Skate Shoes with his feet shackled!!! This one will be hot-streaming this Friday at 7pm ET... Enjoy!!!

2/8/18 Guys In Lockup with our Friday Streaming Update (Ulrich Gardner - House Arrest Revoked - Jailed - Solo) goes live at 7PM ET and this big bully thug type of dude gets his house arrest / electronic shackling revoked and jailed... The cuffs, shackles and chains fit this big dude very well and this thug has a nice cum shot at the end too... nice load for sure! Enjoy!!!

2/2/18 Guys In Lockup and tonights update: (Zachery Andrews - House Arrest Revoked - Jailed Solo) Another inmate marked up like a piece of meat with Officer Denali writing his Inmate ID# on his hot stud body!!! The update goes STREAMING live at 7pm ET tonight!!! Enjoy!!!  

1/18/18 Guys In Lockup... Officer Denali bringing in Keith Robbins for another round of lock up! The Judge let Criminal Thug Keith Robbins out and the prosecutor found more evidence so the charges were brought back up and this week it's (Keith Robbins - Transport - Bondage - Solo) and the duct tape goes all the way around his head... for maximum pie hole silence! This thug's tight little body is secured to the jail bunk and he sure hates it!!! Enjoy as it goes live 7pm ET Friday Night!!!

1/11/18 Guys In Lockup gets a new guy into the jail this week... (Fynn Moore - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Yes, Officer Denali is transporting in a little gang banger wanna be! He gets stripped down out of his street clothes including his white K-Swiss Shoes... the choice of most gang bangers in their mid 20's! See him stripped and cavity searched as he begins his life as an inmate at the GIL City Jail!!! It goes live Friday at 7pm ET! Let us know your thoughts... and yes, he gets issued white jail boxers too!!!  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

1/4/18 Guys In Lockup is getting back into the swing of things... Officer Denali is ready as ever to lock up guys... as many as he can!!! Starting with (Riley Matthis - For Court - Bondage - Solo) And yes, he gets his ass probed!!! He needed it bad!!! Enjoy it as it goes live 7pm ET Friday!!!