1/11/18 Guys In Lockup gets a new guy into the jail this week... (Fynn Moore - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Yes, Officer Denali is transporting in a little gang banger wanna be! He gets stripped down out of his street clothes including his white K-Swiss Shoes... the choice of most gang bangers in their mid 20's! See him stripped and cavity searched as he begins his life as an inmate at the GIL City Jail!!! It goes live Friday at 7pm ET! Let us know your thoughts... and yes, he gets issued white jail boxers too!!!  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

1/4/18 Guys In Lockup is getting back into the swing of things... Officer Denali is ready as ever to lock up guys... as many as he can!!! Starting with (Riley Matthis - For Court - Bondage - Solo) And yes, he gets his ass probed!!! He needed it bad!!! Enjoy it as it goes live 7pm ET Friday!!! (let us know if you see any piracy videos of ours out there: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com as it is not right for you to pay and others get it for free!!!) By the way, we trace the uploader with the anti-piracy coding embeded in each video and pic and then ban them from the site for life!!! Thanks for your help, it helps us keep filming this content for you!!!