11/16/17 Guys In Lockup... Whoa!!! Officer Denali is transporting this smooth young criminal thug wanna-be to be strip-searched, cavity searched and locked away in a nice well-fitting bright orange prison uniform! Yes Criminal Thug Chris Whitfield broke into his neighbors house and stole a gun! Now he is being put through the system by Officer Denali so he can be put in prison later on!!! Enjoy (Chris Whitfield - Transport - Jailed - Solo) that goes live 7pm ET Friday 11/17/17!!!

11/9/17 Guys In Lockup doing the best we can to lock up every decent looking dude in GIL City and beyond! Officer Denali gets word of a person who skipped court on assault charges that was let go with just a citation for smacking his girlfriend around (rookie cop let him go with just a ticket) and of course he didn't think it was a big deal and he was still working at his job when Officer Denali took him into custody! Cuffed, Shackled & Chained in the back of the Patrol Car... This is a charge that can land this tough guy criminal trash in the state pen but in all his arrogance, he thought he was in the clear. (Brandon Pike - Bond Revoked - Transport - Jailed - Solo) is up for Friday's update at 7pm... enjoy this arrogant ass getting processed in to the GIL City Jail for his trip to the state prison!!!

11/2/17 GuysInLockup is bringing in a hot, well built stud this week to strip down, cavity search and lock up... Officer Denali works out and found this Criminal Stud on line to be running a Gym / Personal Training Business and taking peoples money but not doing the service... Officer Denali couldn't have that shit going on in his town... So enjoy (Zachery Andrews - Transport - Jailed - Solo) as this stud is processed into the GIL City Jail!!! It goes live Friday night at 8pm ET!

10/26/17 GuysInLockup / Guys In Lockup is branching off into another fetish... Hot Cop Boots... meaning, an Inmate gets to "enjoy" Officer Denali's Duty Boots!!! What do you think he does with them? If you enjoy boots, hot sweaty cop boots, this is your video update!!! (Vincenzo Ross - Transport - Sentencing - Boot Fetish) Hot Cop Duty Boots in the hands of a criminal convict that enjoys them... what could be better when you are already headed to prison??? You are gonna love this update if you are into this type of cool stuff!!!

10/19/17 GuysInLockup with another AWESOME video for this week!!! (Yanek Bell - Transported - Jailed - Solo) Yes, Officer Denali arrested 33 Year Old Yanek Bell for contractor fraud! He's being transported back to the GIL City Jail to be booked, processed and jailed beginning his long trip to state prison. This inmate is very well built... we arrest and process all body styles and this criminal is one of the nicer bodies we have had in to strip, cavity search and jail! He delivers a nice load too when he does his thing!!! Enjoy and let us know what you think about this inmate! It goes live at 8pm ET Friday with a full pic pack slowly loading in the following hours!

10/1217 Guys In Lockup has transported in a thin and hot looking dude this week... nice tattoo's, nice body and very much a criminal type which makes him perfect to lock up!!! (Wayne Calvert - Transport - Jailed - Solo) is the case Officer Denali is processing and booking into the GIL City Jail this week... He's brought in chained, cuffed and shackled wearing a pair of Nike Shox... but not for long!!! Let us know what you think through the Feedback: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com and yes, we do listen! Also, please report any piracy you come across, we have those videos and pics taken down quickly and ban the member who loaded them up for life. Thank you for your help, we can't continue if we are not being paid for our production and some ass is posting our videos for free!!! Enjoy this week's update and thanks for your help on the piracy issue!!!

10/4/17 Guys In Lockup, Officer Denali caught another looter that is featured in this update... (Xavier Barrett - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Criminal trash Xavier will be cooling his heels in the clinker this week! Officer Denali had no problem cuffing and shackling this 29 year old dude up! He was wearing his favorite pair of basketball hi-tops when he was arrested and the shackles look nice on top of those hi-tops as this thick, tough guy was transported to the GIL City Jail! This Friday night this hot scene goes live!!! Enjoy!!!

9/29/17 Wow!!! We just noticed that this weeks GuysInLockup news and info page did not update!!! Tonight's update (going live in just minutes with the full pic packs updating at a later slower pace) is: Ulrich Gardner - Arrest - Transport - Jailed Solo and once again we are filling a few special requests. This dude is very beefy and blows a nice load for a hurricane looter... enjoy and let us know what you think!!!

9/21/17 Guys In Lockup is back in full swing after the storm... Locking up every bad ass dude that Officer Denali can get his cuffs and shackles on!!! This week we brought Terry Dalton back in for court and for a little bondage cuffing & shackling to the jail bunk. We are fulfilling a few special requests with this video and bumped it up by two weeks to go live Friday Night at 8pm with full pic-pack a little later. Nice clothes and he's decked out in chains and oh yes, the white low-cut socks!!! His ass-probing is deep and intense and I think Officer Denali actually enjoyed that part of the process!!! Lol! Keep the feedback coming:  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

9/14/17 Hey everyone, most of you know our studios are located here in Florida... we had a massive storm headed directly for our studios last Saturday. We survived and all is good!!! This Friday's scene is a hot one (Van Jameson - Transport - Jailed -Solo) it will go live 9/15/17 so enjoy our videos and pictures as normal. Thank you for your support!!! -John, Justin, Darrell, Jeff, Cody, Aaron, Don, Chris & Denise  

9/1/17 GuysInLockup.com isn't fucking around this week... Officer Denali is transporting a new prisoner back to his jail for the regular strip-down and orange prison uniform dress-out. Yes, criminal trash Terry Dalton was arrested for breaking and entering this week! He's wearing his favorite pair of DVS Skate Shoes... which he will soon have to give up along with the rest of his personal property as he gets cavity searched and jailed in tonights video update!!!  (Terry Dalton - Transport - Jailed - Solo) and it goes live at 8pm ET tonight with a full pic-pack a little later!!! Let's hear the feedback!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

8/24/17 GuysInLockup video update for this week should meet the requests of some of you that sent in feedback for what you wanted to see. This week the guy locked up is 35 and he is issued a pair of white boxers with his Orange Prison Uniform... This is another new guy and it is a good video with the inmate showing lots of attitude!!! Scott Lopez - Transport - Jailed - Solo will hit the air on Friday at 8 PM ET... Let us know your thoughts!

8/16/17 GuysInLockup has a new guy being jailed this week! Officer Denali is transporting in Riley Matthis to be stripped out of his street clothes and cavity searched before being dressed out in an Orange Prison Uniform! Yes, 33 year old criminal trash Riley Matthis got busted by one of Officer Denali's undercover guys as he was dealing in Gas Pump Skimmers! White Socks and Un-Cut should make a few of you happy as we fulfill those requests. We start off with Criminal Loser Riley Matthis in the back of Officer Denali's Patrol Car all decked out in shackles, cuffs and chains! Keep the Feedback coming: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com (Riley Matthis - Transport - Jailed - Solo) goes live this Friday at 8pm ET so you can enjoy his humiliation!!! Thanks for the help in stopping some Copyright Infringement recently on one of the free tube sites... Please continue to report it whenever you see it... it is not fair for those losers to get for free the stuff you all legally pay for!!! Thanks again!!!  

8/9/17 GuysInLockup was overwhelmed with response to last Friday's Video Update where Officer Denali was arrested, cuffed, shackled, chained up, dressed out in an Orange Prison Uniform and then dressed out in a Black & White Striped Prison Uniform and of course locked in the jail for an overnight stay. The Mayor of GIL City ordered it and that is what had to happen!!! A bunch of people wanted him stripped naked and cavity searched on that update but that won't happen for a while on any update in the near future, but stay tuned! Also, people were asking for more shots of Officer Denali's Feet... coming out of his boots and for more on his "bare" feet, that will have to come later as well. We get requests for more feet and socks and then the very next thing we will get is a rash of complaints that we show too much feet and socks! Lol! You guys are funny with what you write in sometimes... it's okay, we love to hear all of the feedback about all of our video updates. We can't respond to every single one (although we try) but you can rest assured that we do get them and read them. I will tell you, the "feet shots" are here to stay!!! It is our goal to take average everyday guys off the streets, arrest them, bring them into our jail facility, strip them from their head down to and including their socks! Dress them out in a nice orange prison uniform and make them into a prisoner to be locked away in our jail!!! Once we get them we like to keep them and then transport them off to the state prison to serve some meaningful time. The update for this week is (Quaid Howell - For Court - Bondage - Solo) and he is one of those prisoners that Officer Denali can't wait to ship off to the state pen!!! He is cuffed and shackled to the jail bunk because he made fun of Officer Denali being put in a prison uniform last week. You don't want to ever poke fun at Officer Denali!! This video is exactly showing what happens when you do... it goes live this Friday at 8PM ET... Enjoy!    

7/29/17 GuysInLockup has something different for you on this next Video Update 8/4/17... Officer Justin Denali will be seen in cuffs, shackles and chains... while wearing his Tactical Uniform, Orange Prison Uniform and a Black & White Striped Prison Uniform! By order of the GIL City Mayor to satisfy some of the massive feedback requests to see him locked up! Officer Denali will NOT be seen nude or without his clothes so you all will have to wait for that but for now, he is literally put on display and rotated around while ordered not to move so you can see him as a prisoner from every angle!!! Then he was ordered to be locked in the jail cell to spend the night before being returned to his normal position! That should smack the arrogance out of him for a little while at least!!! See ya next Friday 8/4/17 at 8pm ET! He looks good in chains for sure!!! Let us know what you think after you view the 12 minute video:  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

7/26/17 GuysInLockup brought back in Greg Tanner for court and of course Officer Denali had about enough of his snot-nosed young guy attitude... so he gets cuffed and shackled to the jail bunk and he doesn't go down easy. Officer Denali is not someone you want to resist arrest with... you will be cuffed and shackled EXACTLY how he wants you!!! This latest update: (Greg Tanner - For Court - Bondage - Solo) goes live this Friday at 8pm... you are gonna love his young smooth body with his duct taped mouth, and he is nicely secured to the bunk! Enjoy!!!

7/20/17 GuysInLockup.com has a hot video this week... a very beefy inmate is brought back in for court! Yes, Frank Jeffery is back in the intake and jail processing area so he can be brought up in front of the judge! Yes he is cavity searched and he gets a great ass-probing to make sure there is nothing like a cuff key hidden up his ass!!! Officer Denali is extremely personal with this particular cavity search and ass-probing... this man is beefy and well built!!! Officer Denali even seems to admire the inmate's build! Enjoy (Frank Jeffery - For Court - Solo) as it hits the site at 8pm ET Friday Night... Let us know what you think of this hot stud in chains!!! Yes, we will have him back in the jail soon after this hot video!!!

7/14/17 Guys In Lockup does pay attention to your Feedback@GuysInLockup.com emails, we take your suggestions and put them into videos if we can. We also watch the data of what videos are to most watched, then we try to do more with those convicts! Such is the case with tonights video update! (Lance Miller - Cavity Search - Bondage - Solo) yes, Lance is still in custody and brought back in after serving on the County Work Farm Prison Chain Gang... The video picks up when Officer Denali comes back in after giving all the dirty inmate orange uniforms to the laundry truck! Almost everything in this video was fulfilling a request from someone who has written in. Enjoy as it hits the site at 8pm ET tonight!!! 

7/5/17  Guys In Lockup has brought back hot stud Daniel Brady for court and of course he had to give Officer Denali some attitude so Officer Denali stripped his body naked and hog tied and gagged Convict Daniel Brady with a white sock worn by another inmate and duct taped that mouth of his for some peace and quiet. His shackled bare feet are kicking around until he slowly stops as he realizes he is done and secured until Officer Denali decides otherwise! This hot video update (Daniel Brady - Gagged & Hog Tied - Jailed - Solo) goes live this Friday Night at 8pm ET... enjoy and let us know your thoughts:  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

6/29/17 Guys In Lockup has another new guy this week! (Quaid Howell - Transport - Jailed - Solo) This guy is a tattooed stud and he is wearing his back boots when he is stripped down and processed. If you like to see a man walk in boots while his feet are shackled, this video update will make you very happy!!! This guy makes a great transition from everyday dude, to a criminal trash jailed prisoner!!! Let us know what you think: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com This video is live on the site Friday at 8pm ET... Enjoy your weekend!!!

6/22/17 Guys In Lockup has brought back Neil Stevens... yes he's back and showing some attitude towards Officer Denali and that is something you don't want to do! Criminal Piece Of Meat Neil Stevens ends up cuffed and shackled to the Jail Bunk and when he is released to do his thing, he's a "shooter" if you know what I mean!  Lol! Enjoy (Neil Stevens - For Court - Bondage - Solo) as it hits the air Friday at 8pm ET! Enjoy!!!

6/15/17 GuysInLockup (Officer Denali) this time around for the site news and info post: Our latest video update (GuysInLockup - Daniel Brady - Transport - Jailed - Solo) will be on the air at 8pm ET Friday night! Yes, I am transporting Criminal Daniel Brady back to the jail for processing, strip down, cavity search, ass probing and jailing until I can transport him out to county lockup! This dude is never gonna learn!!! Thank you for your feedback and please send us more when you can... I want to do to these guys like what would interest you all the most!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!!  -Officer Justin Denali  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

6/8/17 GuysInLockup loves the nice tough rebellious type of guy that acts like he is pissed off because he was doing his own thing one minute then cuffed and shackled the next minute and headed to jail to be stripped down, dressed in an orange prison uniform and locked away in a jail cell!!! That is the case with new guy: (Paul Talbott - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Yes Officer Denali served a warrant and arrested Paul Talbott as he was working in his dad's shop. Nice work boots on this dude, but not for long when Officer Denali starts the Prisoner Tear Down!! This hot video hits the air Friday Night 6/9/17 at 8pm ET!  Enjoy and make sure to give us your thoughts: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

6/1/17 GuysInLockup gets a guy in our facility that seems to enjoy being processed / jailed & locked up. That was the case some time back when Vincenzo Ross was arrested and brought in for embezzling money from his employer. Vincenzo Ross was all worked up as Officer Denali had to calm him down and process him, strip him down and dress him out in his prison uniform. Vincenzo Ross popped a woody as Officer Denali was handling him during processing. Well, Vincenzo Ross is back with (Vincenzo Ross - For Court - Bondage - Solo) and he has a woody, pre-cum, duct taped mouth and blows a nice load for you after he is released from being cuffed and shackled to the jail bunk. Vincenzo Ross likes being processed by Officer Denali for sure!!! This hot video is on the air Friday 6/2/17 at 8pm ET! Enjoy your weekend as Vincenzo Ross seems to enjoy his lockup!!! 

5/25/17 GuysInLockup where "occasionally" the judge will let someone out of custody on bond but once they burn him and dont show up for their court date the judge becomes furious. That is the case with (Owen Thomas - Bond Revoked - For Court - Sentencing) This is a hot one where Owen Thomas is brought back in to the jail, fully clothed and put through the booking process again. This video hits the air at 8pm ET on Friday 5/26. Enjoy and please remember to give us feedback and keep an eye out for copyright infringers and let us know!!!

5/17/17 This weeks update is the response or "finale" of the Lance Miller case that was voted on by all of you site members for the type and length of punishment!! Two years of county work farm on the chain gang!!! Yes, he's back and he is headed to the work farm because that is where you guys sent him!!! Enjoy (Lance Miller - Sentenced - Solo -Work Farm - Chain Gang) Keep your cuffs real tight!!!

5/12/17 Whew!!! New guy Oliver Keagan is brought into the jail and being processed in the Prisoner Intake Area... Enjoy this update as we put our studio and production office back together after the crazy mess we just came out of!!! Please don't forget to leave us some feedback on these videos!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com Have a great weekend and keep your cuffs and shackles real tight!!! 

5/4/17 GuysInLockup has criminal inmate Ivan Morgan back in for court... hope to have the Judge sentence him to prison but I think he's going to be back in again. Officer Denali is less than tolerant these days with the inmates running their mouth's. One cross word and you end up with a duct taped mouth with your hands and feet cuffed and shackled to the jail bunk. Which is exactly what happened with: (GuysInLockup - Ivan Morgan - For Court - Bondage - Solo) and it goes live at 8pm ET Friday night!!! Enjoy your weekend and May the 4th be with you!!!  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

4/27/17 GuysInLockup has a very different ending to this weeks update. A very truthful ending. We brought back Derrick Lewis for one final scene. (GuysInLockup - Derrick Lewis - Court - Bondage - Solo - Truth) Watch until the end... the very end when Inmate Derrick Lewis is brought back into the jail... in cuffs shackles and chains of course. The director has some questions, we won't say anything more... just watch as the truth is spoken, off the record so to speak. This hot real-to-life update hits the air Friday night at 8PM ET!!!

4/20/17 GuysInLockup has a new guy in custody this week: (GuysInLockup - Neil Stevens - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Yes, Neil is six-foot-four 6'4" but Officer Denali has no problem handling this tall 25 year old guy when he is being shackled, cuffed and transported into the jail to be strip searched, cavity searched and jailed for his crimes. He seems to be as if he has never been in jail before. But Officer Denali gets him settled in very quickly. This guy is a good looking regular guy... that looks like he is just learning to walk with his feet shackled & chained! This hot video hits the air at 8pm Friday Night... Enjoy this big boy being processed into jail.

4/13/17 GuysInLockup brought Hyatt Martin back in for court this Friday... being a little arrogant like he is, he decided to act that way towards Officer Denali and that is the wrong thing to do! (GuysInLockup - Hyatt Martin - For Court - Bondage - Solo) will hit the air at 8PM ET Friday Night, hope this is one that makes you happy to see a well proportioned stud treated like a piece of meat when he is cuffed and shackled to the jail bunk with his "pie hole" taped shut with duct tape. Hyatt Martin is not in prison yet but he is well on his way. Thank God!!!

4/6/17 GuysInLockup has another great video this week! (GuysInLockup - Mike Daniels - Intaked - Jailed - Solo) Yes you read that right "Intaked" is a term used in the Jail / Prison / Correctional System where a prisoner is brought into the facility to be processed or booked in and locked up. Mike Daniels is dropped of at the GIL City Jail by another officer and Officer Denali meets the other Officer at the Jail door to Intake the prisoner. Prisoner Mike Daniels 23, is 6 foot 1 inch and he is fully restrained because of his size. We however lock up big boys too so there is not an issue for Officer Denali to process and book this big thug into our jail so he can be run through the system. Some of you say you don't like the jerk off or sex scenes in our videos. Yes, guys in lockup do jerk off and sometimes they do it the very second they are not being watched. They do in real life jail scenarios all the time. However, we always say if that is not your thing to see with our videos, just jump past that part. In this video however, Inmate Mike Daniels does something interesting just after he blows his load. You might want to be ready to jump forward if the sex scene is not your thing. Everyone else who likes that part of the video... ENJOY!!! (The video goes on the air at 8pm ET Friday Night)

3/30/17 We have another hot video to go live tomorrow evening (Friday 3/31/17 at 8pm ET) This is a special request from one of our female subscribers. Yes we have lots of female subscribers that like to see their boyfriends & husbands arrested, cuffed, shackled, transported, strip searched, cavity searched, locked up in a jail cell just as much as anyone. This female subscriber contacted us to do just that with her husband so she could enjoy her fantasy. We agree'd and moved in to make it happen and make the arrest!!! We were not allowed to film inside their home so the video picks up with 30 year old Lance Miller cuffed and shackled up in the back of Officer Denali's patrol car. Lance Miller knew a little bit of what was going to happen but did not know when or how it was going to happen. Officer Denali's undercover officer (a real police officer) made the arrest in their front living room and Lance Miller wasn't going down without a fight. No one got injured but the place got a little messed up and staying true to life, Lance Miller was kept cuffed and shackled while the officer held the phone for him to call into his work for the day off. Don't let him fool you, he put up a fight trying to keep from getting arrested! But he's ours now! At the end of the video as he is being perp-walked out, he makes a comment about Officer Denali using so much chain on him! Lol! His wife who hired us has not seen the video and will see it on the site tomorrow like everyone else. Lance Miller was much more calm and cool once he was chained up for transport to the jail. It is pure joy watching this tough guy thug, walk with his boots and feet shackled. He had kind of an arrogance to his step. The storyline has him being arrested for dealing in a controlled substance because his wife admitted that if he ever got arrested it would be for his love of MJ... so there you go... he is all packaged up and ready to be jailed! (Guys In Lockup - Lance Miller - Transported - Jailed - Solo) Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on this thug being locked away!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

3/23/17 GuysInLockup is an HTTPS now and the added "S" stands for secure... so if the site is loading slow, that is most likely why. It will get faster as things get updated on all the servers. Thanks for hanging in there with us... everything is more secure now as well. Thank you to all of you that have been reporting the piracy videos... so far we have got all of them taken down off the free sites. Keep at it, they pop up more and more and we ban the members that uploaded the videos on the free video sharing sites. Now, Friday nights update (Keith Robbins - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Has a stud with a tight little body... he is sleeping in his SUV when Officer Denali makes the felony arrest!!! You are gonna love this little thug / stud who doesn't seem to understand he is going to prison!

3/16/17 GuysInLockup has Chief Justin Denali busy processing guys in and out of the Criminal Prison & Jail System. His undercover officers have no problem working the system to keep as many criminals off the streets and locked up in Officer Denali's jail as life will permit! Very rarely does any officer get two guys into the Jail System that are twins! Yes, Easton Reed and Officer Denali's latest prisoner transport, Jaxon Reed are fraternal twins! And yes, they ARE honestly real twin brothers... not identical but they are twin brothers born 4 minutes apart with the same mother. Their ID's are clear evidence they are brothers with the same birth date! Their faces don't look completely the same but we compared pictures of their bodies from the neck down and minus the tattoos on each mans body, they look almost identical from their chin to their toes. Even their feet look alike. We had no idea what we were going to be working with when these two cases just fell into our lap... it was very hot indeed! (Jaxon Reed - Transport - Jailed - Solo) goes on the air this Friday Night at 8pm ET and yes, we are back on daylight savings time here. He and Easton are real life twin brothers and we have them both in custody!!! Let us know what you think! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

3/9/17 GuysInLockup is moving right along this week. (Easton Reed - Direct To Court - Solo) is on deck this week! As criminal thug Easton Reed is brought in for court, you can see he has lost some weight while being locked in the county jail eating PB&J as he was waiting to be transported to court! Looks good in chains as he is being booked and processed to go up before the judge! Yep, we keep our criminals locked up as long as we can in between court dates to protect good and decent people of society! Enjoy this video as we try to get back to our normal video updates, please be on the lookout for people stealing our videos and posting them for free. Same with our pictures in bulk. We appreciate those that help spread the word of our site with a few pics they post but watch out for those who post the entire pic-pack, that is not right for people to get our stuff for free while you all pay for it!!

3/3/17 Okay, one of the most asked questions we receive here at GuysInLockup.com is if we will allow individual cases where a viewer or a subscriber can come an be processed and locked up by Officer Justin Denali.  The answer is yes on a limited basis. The fee to do just the lockup procedure is expensive and does not include anything other than the daytime process and lockup with no overnite stay and we will film it so you can take it home later and if it is impressive enough, we will air it on the site. Tonight's video is of one of those private visits. We are showing this video with no storyline other than the man who is a mechanic, said he hit a customer that tried to leave without paying. There is very little dialogue between the officer and the subscriber (Wesley Adams) and he asked to keep it as close to real as possible so there is no deep cavity search either. He does jerk off and his cum shot is decent... this was his fantasy and we wanted to show you what the typical viewer / subscriber is like and what to expect if you want to be locked up by Officer Justin Denali. This man is 50 years old, a very rough, hard working mechanic type, he is not our typical focus for a scene, he flew in from another state, we took him into custody, cuffed and shackled in the parking garage at the airport and he was transported to our jail and that is where the video picks up, when he is being perp-walked into the jail to be processed. So after seeing this video and how things are done for the personal lockup session and you still want to be locked up, you can contact us at: Webmaster@GuysInLockup.com Serious inquiries only please, we will not describe the procedure over the email... that is what this weeks update is for. Thank you and enjoy your weekend!    

3/1/17 We are now an HTTPS site instead of just an HTTP site. Meaning that we are secured so nothing gets in between you and the GuysInLockup.com site to cause any harm. Most sites are going to this new protocol, all the big name sites are already there. We are there now as well. In the beginning there may be some slow loading issues but this is the way to prevent some person with ill intent from causing harm to our site and to our subscribers. We have not had a problem in the past but the HTTPS protocol will insure that we won't in the future. Please help us get Google & Bing / Yahoo up to speed on searches for our name GuysInLockup & Guys In Lockup through images and videos etc. That way guys can find us when they type the name into a search engine or search for pictures of Guys In Lockup. Your help is appreciated!!!

2/28/17 Hey everyone! Officer Denali here! I am listed on a couple of sites such as Google+ and FetLife.Com. Some people are afraid to write in to the feedback email because the production staff monitors that email the same as I do. I respond to all personal emails meant for me through there but I also can be contacted at Justin Denali on Google+ (GuysInLockup@Gmail.com) and Officer Denali at FetLife.com So, I hope to see some more hookups there... I have no friends on Google+ for some reason but lots on FetLife... I am looking to join a few more groups as well to have more direct communication and share some of my favorite pics of the production with you all. Just remember to address me as Officer Denali when we talk! See Ya!

2/24/17 What a week here at GuysInLockup!!! (Ivan Morgan - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) is on deck (or should I say he is Arrested, Shackled, Cuffed and Chained) ready for jail and then prison. He has some low cut white and blue socks that has been a big request by a member of the site for someone to wear when being arrested and booked to be locked up... everything this thug is being arrested in is his real clothing! He is the kinda guy you want to tape his mouth shut but Officer Denali keeps his cool. He just looks like he belongs in prison and try as I may, I just feel better that this criminal thug is off the streets!! When you are criminal trash... you end up pulling chain in the GIL City Jail and on your way to prison! Locking Guys Up is what we do here... and we do it well! Enjoy tonight's update and keep the ideas and feedback coming!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com   

2/17/17 We are just minutes away from tonights update! (Hyatt Martin - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) Yes, new guy Hyatt Martin was trying to rip off an elderly lady but instead had to rip off his clothes in a strip search for Officer Justin Denali! This dude has a little more body hair, he's 43 and has grey / dark brown hair up top! Nice, well built guy and even looks good in his orange prison uniform! Mark, this is your "silver fox" or as close as we have gotten so far to that request sir! Cuffed and Shackled, Hyat Martin is on his way to jail and then prison... he gets his blue Nike Shox confiscated by Officer Denali as well! Enjoy and remember to keep your cuffs real tight!!! Make sure to keep the Feedback coming and always look out for pirated videos of ours please!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

2/9/17 GuysInLockup has inmate Derrick Lewis and in this awesome video update (GuysInLockup - Derrick Lewis - Transport - Bondage - Solo) Friday night 7pm!!! He made the mistake of getting mouthy with Officer Denali so when he is brought in with cuffed hands and shackled feet all decked out in his black and white striped county jail uniform, it isn't long before his ass gets probed and then he is bound to the jail bunk naked! Very interesting thing we found out about this man... he is going to prison for real... we hope to have him back before he is gone for real... we will have to see what he is willing to discuss on camera, if anything. But in real life, this man is headed to prison. It's nice to know we have given him a taste of what it is like to be locked up before going away for real. Send us your feedback, we want to know your thoughts. Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

2/2/17 We here at GuysInLockup.com have arrested, cuffed, shackled and chained up all kinds of different guys and jailed them. Tall, short, fat, old and now a skinny young guy!  This latest video features a 21 year old guy (think Justin Bieber) that is arrested for felony stealing (Jewelry) and he is of course going to jail then prison for his efforts! (Greg Tanner - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) We told him very little about what he was up against and asked him to react as if it was all true life. I noticed he was a nervous little guy but he was so into what was going on at one point I thought he was going to cry when he was being told that he was going to prison! He was upset that he was having his personal stuff taken from him, not knowing for real if he was going to see any of it again. He was very effective in giving a real reaction to what was going down. Friday night 7pm ET... let us know what you think! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

1/29/17 Okay, all emails are working so if you need to use any one of them like feedback and support, please do!!! Our CMS guys got that fixed and we thank them for their hard work making this all come together! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com or Support@GuysInLockup.com and the other emails are working as well. If you tried emailing us while they were down, please re-email us because those emails were bounced back to you and were never seen by us. Sorry for that but it was beyond our control thanks to GoDaddy messing everything up and temporarily wrecking the site last week. All is back to functioning now!!!

1/27/17 Just minutes away from tonights video update: (Frank Jeffery - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) This tough guy decided to not pay his child support and that is a direct path to prison when it reaches the felony level! This man was not shown ANYTHING about the jail and he is acting with real response! Love his red Nike Hi Tops and his tough guy appearance... Cuffed Shackled and Locked Up for the very first time in his 31 year old life!!! (Yes, the email is still messed up, our CMS is still working on it, should be up soon, check back for updates on when.)

1/24/17 Email is still being worked on so if you have sent an email on any email account we have, stand by as we try to get this sorted out. We will get the email but only after our problem is solved and all is back to normal with our email relay.  The site should be working well though for videos and downloads etc. Thanks again for hanging in there with us on this!

1/22/17 Site is back to "normal" so you can watch the videos... the email is now messed up so stand by as we fix that.  Refresh refresh refresh until the banner at the top appears and it should work again on the site to watch and download the videos!!!

1/20/17 The struggle continues... the site is still having issues and our IT guys are working on it. We will just have to wait it out. Keep refreshing the site and the pages. We will be back to normal as soon as we can. Keep us posted if something starts to work! The site works just fine on certain Mac Computers... there is a problem though and we are on it! Thank you for hanging in there with us. Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

1/19/17 We are still making adjustments to the site... one minute it is all fine and the next it seems like half the stuff doesn't work. We will get it fixed asap and back to a more updated version. Thanks for hanging in there with us. If it goes on too much longer, I will do my usual membership extensions. I think we will have it all fixed before that. Thanks again guys! This weeks update is pretty cool! (Easton Reed - Transport - Jailed - Solo) 26 year old male that was taken down by a GIL City Undercover Cop... and you all thought that Officer Denali was the only cop in town! We lead off with a brief statement by the undercover officer to all you criminal trash out there... then we cut to the patrol car for the prisoner transport to the jail. Enjoy this thug getting locked up!!!

1/18/17 It appears the site is acting a little goofy... I can assure you we are working on it. Just keep refreshing the pages and we will keep everyone posted on when it is back to "normal" from our end. Thanks for your understanding.

1/12/17 GuysInLockup has been finding it's groove lately. We have been trying to make sure the guys we bring in to be booked and locked up, have little-to-no-knowledge of what is going to happen. It is very hard to do, but we have been able to pull it off more and more. Some of the results have kinda shocked us. This weeks update is one we did with a guy that was here before. Yarrick Webb, we brought him back for another scene and told him to dress up like he was going to court. We told him at the last second that he "lost his case" and put the chains on him, cuffs and shackles. He is under contract that we could do what we wanted with him and he would have to go with it. He was expecting to go home but had to stay and be booked into the jail. He was confused and pissed and once we got his clothes stripped off his body, he looked as if he was planning to go to the gym after we were done with his scene, he was very quiet and hardly said much through the rest of the process. So once again, we bring it to be as real as possible. (Yarrick Webb - Direct From Court - Solo) it hits the air at 7pm ET Friday night!!! Keep the feedback coming!!!

1/6/17 HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone... Our first video of 2017 (GuysInLockup - Derrick Lewis - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) hits the air tonight at 7:00 PM ET and it is a perfect way to start off 2017... watching a man running from the law, get arrested, cuffed and shackled... did I mention that he is wearing tan military marine duty boots? Yes, the regular shackles were a perfect fit to keep this criminal secured and walking with a well regulated step! What a guy... he was complaining that he was innocent before he was even cuffed and shackled for transport. Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? He is still going to jail and then prison! Officer Denali wouldn't have it any other way! This is another guy we did not tell anything about what to expect ahead of time! Let us know what you think! Keep the feedback coming! (by the way, we are making a few adjustment to improve the site, please understand if things seem a little different... all should be good and "normal" very soon!)

12/30/16 Less than three (3) hours to go before we air the last video update of 2016!!! GuysInLockup (Calvin "CJ" Ricci - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) hits the air at 7:00 PM ET tonight!!! Yes, Officer Justin Denali arrests his old high school buddy and refuses to give him any breaks as he cuffs and shackles him for transport to jail!! Most every reaction "CJ" gives is real as he was not given a heads up on what was going to happen. I asked him what he thought at the end as he was still in his orange prison uniform, he said, "That was the MOST humiliating experience of my life... I feel like criminal - prison - trash!!" My reply: Oh it only gets worse from here brother when Justin gets his hands on you the next time!!  - You are gonna love it!!!  Keep the Feedback coming guys!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

12/27/16 You are NOT gonna want to miss this weeks update... Officer Denali arrests and jails his old friend from High School... yes, it is his actual friend from high school that we got to do a scene with us!!! We didn't tell him what to expect and he wore his cowboy boots to do the scene, thinking they would be okay as they were his favorite, but Officer Denali was a step ahead of him and came prepared to the arrest scene with his "boot shackles" so his old friend's feet could still be secured for transport. GuysInLockup is gonna end the year with a bang... arresting his old high school buddy is fun to watch as they banter back and forth and the shock of how he is treated during the strip down, cavity search etc! This man has tattoo's but has never been arrested before... this is his first time in cuffs, shackles & chains... he told us he was extremely humiliated as it felt so real like he was headed to prison for real!!! It hits the air This Friday (12/30/16) at 7:00 PM!!! (the launch time is earlier these days because of the time change, it will go back to 8pm soon enough. Lol!

12/25/16 Merry Christmas!!!  By the way, we take PayPal now for those that can't get approved on our regular credit card processor Zombaio!  Has to be a three (3) month sign up at $100.00 USD though.  Still a savings though!!! Email us with your name and your request to pay with PayPal through Support@GuysInLockup.com and we will reply with further instructions and our PayPal payment email address info. 

12/19/16 Hey guys, I want to thank you for reporting the most recent piracy violation... the video was taken down off the free site very quickly and the member was identified and banned from that website, blacklisted as a video pirate and the free website provided the information they had to us on the pirate "Marcus", which we matched with the digital fingerprint embedded into each our videos to the video he downloaded and then took it upon himself to upload to that free site (to verify we had the right violator). We then banned him for life from GuysInLockup. He was a recent member to our site from Germany but we have zero tolerance for stealing our content that everyone else (our cool members like you) have, in good faith, paid for! It's not fair for you members in good standing, to pay, while creeps and thieves like "Marcus" can steal and let others enjoy for free. It just isn't right. Thank you guys for your awesome help, let's brace ourselves for the next video pirate...  Report it here: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com Thanks again guys!!!

12/15/16 GuysInLockup is back into the light-bondage and ass-probing business with this weeks video (GuysInLockup - Brady Price - Bondage - Court - Solo) and it hits the air tomorrow night Friday 12/16/16 at 7:00 PM ET! We brought Brady Price back into the Jail to go in front of the Judge and when he was being scanned during his naked cavity search, the wand indicated there might be a handcuff key in his ass! So Officer Denali must probe his ass to search! Criminal Inmate Brady Price has never had anything shoved up his ass and his reaction is real and worth viewing as Officer Denali's finger goes way in for the cavity search. Inmate Brady Price gets mouthy and ends up naked, bound and gagged to the jail bunk! Officer Denali has complete control of things in his Jail!!! Additionally, in honor of Christmas, there will be no video update on Friday December the 23rd... Most of us here at GuysInLockup have family in town... not all of them know we operate a porn site and we have to keep with the family and not be running off to film and edit porn while we are having so much family around us... the holidays are crazy... thank you for your understanding!

12/7/16 This weeks update for GuysInLockup.com will go on at 7pm this Friday... (GuysInLockup - Zack Wilson - From Court - Solo) This will most likely be the last time we see Zack Wilson and his smooth muscular body in chains with cuffed hands and shackled feet... he is going away for eight years to the state penitentiary and the Judge wanted to see him one more time before he is sent up the river. So please enjoy him one last time before he is sent away! His facial hair was clippered off just before he appears on camera in the jail... they do that when you are going to be in state prison!  

Also we want to thank you guys that have reported piracy of our content. We banned one member for life when we traced the stolen content back to him, and it was taken down off the free porn site... we are working on a second member and they will be banned for life as well. One of the stolen updates and pic-packs were being used to luer people in to a "click-bait" site and you can't actually watch the video or download the pictures and the more you try the more money they make off of your clicks! They are assholes for doing that and when we tried to watch the video, it set off our virus infection alert on every computer we used. So be aware, nothing is for free but our two (2) short Trailer / Preview Vids we have out on PornHub etc. and in the back page of our website... those are safe! But if you see one of our recent full length videos out there, please report it to us with the link and we will try to nail them for it. Please don't support these thieves... If we can't keep revenue coming in we can't get new guys in to film and pay all the bills that go with this website to keep it going. It's just plain mathematics! Keep the feedback coming: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

12/2/16 GuysInLockup made it through another holiday week... Officer Justin Denali has been hard at work!!! This week's video update is about as real as it gets guys! (Brady Price - Arrest - Transport - Jailed - Solo) is another video that we did NOT inform the guy what was going to happen during the process... so he was as fresh to the situation as a regular first time dude that was getting arrested and locked up! As my days in Law Enforcement revealed, this is about as accurate as it comes to the way most guys in lockup behave. The wild card factor comes when a guy is jailed and he is intoxicated. We most likely will not have that "intoxicated guy" as a scene with what we do... however, when we got a guy in for processing in real life, this is EXACTLY how they would behave and act while in custody. Most guys that are destined for the state pen and prison, when they are arrested the first time, they look just like this ordinary dude! This guy is somewhat confused as well, trying to figure out what is going on and what is going to happen next. Please enjoy, and keep the feedback coming! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

11/26/16 The website looks like it is back to normal, well as "normal" can actually be with an adult website that cuffs and shackles guys for jail and prison lockup!!! Lol! Oh how we love to see a hot looking guy in lockup... trying to walk for the very first time with his feet shackled... the 14 inches of chain between his feet, snapping to it's full length with every step he tries to take!!! Don't forget being cuffed with the black box so there is total control of the hands like regulating their step with shackles! Then being ordered to strip... having his clothes and property boxed up and cataloged for storage... then being dressed out in a nice prison uniform for cell lock up!!! It doesn't get better than this!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend... just remember, there are tons of hot guys in lockup right now serving time!!!

11/25/16 Hey everyone... there are still some issues with the video's not loading right on the mobile access, but it will be fixed shortly... on most regular computers the video's show up, stream and are downloadable with no issues... (just keep refreshing a few more times if need be on the mobile devices as well) Thank you for your continued patience as we still work the problem with the mobile devices!  We are almost there!!  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

11/24/16 HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! We are very thankful to have you all as subscribers and for that matter, friends and part of our lives! We would be very thankful to have all of you locked up and pulling chain in the GIL City Jail... but hey, we can't have everything we want, but we are extremely thankful none-the-less for you all! The Yarrick Webb Video should be streaming... let us know if there are any other issues: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com Reminder: No video update this week 11/25/16, we will resume next Friday 12/2/16 for an update and we will take Christmas Friday off as well. Thank you for your understanding, we are doing our best!

11/17/16 GuysInLockup worked very hard on this weeks video update (Yarrick Webb - Arrest - Transport - Solo) This guy is extremely well built. On a few of our scenes we did not give the guy we were going to lock up, any advance knowledge on how the scene was supposed to work. We wanted their reaction to be all natural to being cuffed and shackled etc. This guy, Yarrick Webb is one of those guys we did that with. It is interesting to see how he reacts throughout the process. Sometimes he even seems lost on what is going to happen to him next. One point or part that was left out of the final video, he started beating on all the different buttons on the jail toilet. I guess he had never used a prison toilet and didn't know what button was used to flush it. We editied that part out as it was more funny than anything and took away from the seriousness of the scene. He also kept looking up at the security camera just outside the cell door as if he was supposed to be performing for it. We did leave that part in. You could definitely tell he was out of his element while being processed in jail for prison. When he is brought back for sentencing at a later date and time, I am sure that he and Officer Denali will probably get into it and both have to use their well built bodies to show who runs the jail and who is the prisoner!! So enjoy this video update... this is about as real as it gets for a scene vs. reality in jail / prison lockup!!

Please keep the feedback coming too:  We get ALL of your emails and we respond as much as we can as time permits! We are getting ALL our scene ideas from you that write in to us!! Thank you for that!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

On a side note, please report any of our scenes that are being offered for free or sold outside of our site. We have two free preview / trailers out there and they are very short samples... those are okay but full length vids for free or selling of our pics in mass quantities and full length videos is not permitted. Please report it to us and where it is located if you see it while surfing the web. If we can't get paid for our work because someone stole it and gave it away, we go out of business, plain and simple. Thank you for your help in stopping piracy. wink  Have a great weekend!!! 

11/10/16 This weeks update (Brian Coleman - Revoked - Boot Camp - Solo) will hit the air at the normal 8pm ET Friday Night. We brought Brian Coleman back one more time so Officer Denali could revoke his Boot Camp program and send him off to prison for a nice lengthy term. New guys are coming up real quick by the way. As we get feedback every day, we love it and keep it coming. We try to answer every email but sometimes it appears that you guys are making a comment and there is no need for a reply. Almost every video we film is based on ideas that you guys write in that you want to see. We do this (within reason) so you get what you want! Funny thing, one person will write in saying they hate feet and the very next email that we get will be someone saying they love the inmates feet! Or they hate the sex part of the video and the next says they can't get enough of the sex part! We love hearing from you guys and we alternate some of the ideas like Officer Denali stripping the criminal thug or the dude being ordered to strip by Officer Denali... we are trying to make everyone happy as we film and produce these very complicated and expensive videos! We hope you enjoy every bit of them and the parts you don't like, just skip it and go to a part you do like. The biggest request we get is to see Officer Denali naked and in a prison uniform... we can tell you that scene will be a long ways off because he is the only cop we have here at GuysInLockup. Now for a spoiler alert: The pictures you see on the front splash page with all five miles of wording describing what is in the site etc. are all of Officer Denali... the hands on the bars, guy with the hands cuffed behind, guy in the cell in an orange uniform, hands on the digital finger print scanner and the shackled feet wearing the black and white Adidas High Top Basketball Shoes... which are his favorite pair by the way. So those that want to see Officer Denali as a criminal convict... you have been looking at him all along and didn't even notice! Lol!!! And yes, he is a straight man, married but currently going through a divorce! By the way, several of the guys featured on our site have done real time in a real prison or jail. One guy did his scene and then got convicted in real life and is currently locked up... no, we will not tell you which guy either. I made this "news" update extra long so we could answer a few questions. By the way, you can have direct contact with Officer Denali through a link on our Awesome Links page! The link is called FetLife and Officer Justin Denali is a member of that site as of a couple months ago. People want his email from the production company other than the Feedback email which he does answer his direct emails through, we cannot give out his personal email but he has one through the FetLife site if you dare to join and be a friend of his on that site. Enough for now... spread the word about our site GuysInLockup to anyone you think is into this kind of content!! Thank you and keep your cuffs real tight!!

11/3/16 We all made it through Halloween here at GuysInLockup... Friday's Video Update is with Freddy Dawson... yes Freddy is back for one last time as he is brought back in after he didn't show up for court for his Sentencing! Officer Denali had to go arrest him as he was playing one last game of basketball! Yes, he is in a basketball outfit and he is wearing his expensive Hi-Top Basketball Shoes! So for those of you that like to see the inmate cuffed and shackled wearing High Top Basketball Shoes, this update is for you! The video picks up when the inmate is brought into the booking / intake area of the jail! Yes, the shackles fit very nicely on the ankles of this prison inmate just above his Nike High Tops! They are taken from him along with all his other property when he is dressed out in his orange prisoner uniform for Lock Up... I guess orange is the new black! Lol! Give us feedback if you will please!!!

10/31/16 Happy Halloween to everyone... Officer Justin Denali went to a party over the weekend... yes, in his complete uniform and driving the GuysInLockup Patrol Car!!! He even had a friend that he went to school with, dressed out in an orange prison uniform, hands cuffed, feet shackled and the black box and all! He only knew a couple people at the party and he was cuffing people and shackling people all night for fun! He kept getting asked where he worked and when he told them "GIL City", they kept asking where that was! (he would answer "oh a little north of here". Lol!) People were so drunk and acting silly, they never knew! Officer Denali is a chick magnet I tell you... even though he does an extremely thorough job on a guys "cavity search", he is straight and the women just love him!!! Very few know he is the main star on GuysInLockup.com along with his "other" law enforcement job! Lol! Give us feedback on the latest video (Trent Deiter - Sentencing - Bondage Punishment - Solo) Feedback@GuysInLockup.com Stay safe and Happy Halloween!!!

10/26/16 Just reviewing this weeks video update, making sure it has the maximum Cuffed Hands and Shackled Feet shots and angles as expected! Trent Deiter is back in this video... the Judge sentenced him and he's pissed that he got cheated out of his 30 day reduction of his three year sentence for humiliating Steven Hall a while back. So once he figures things out as he is being transported into the jail prisoner intake area, criminal convict Trent Deiter gets short with Officer Denali and that's something you don't ever want to do... Officer Denali will get very creative and you might end up cuffed and shackled naked to a jail bunk to cool your heels... Officer Denali has enough duct tape to shut your mouth as well and he's just the guy to do it!!! The video hits the air at 8pm ET on Friday 10/28/16 enjoy and keep the feedback coming!

10/21/16 As we slide into Friday, our next awesome update for GuysInLockup is going live tonight at 8:00 PM Et... If you like to see an inmate humiliated by being Hog Tied Naked, well, this is your update: (GuysInLockup - Jason Martin - Bond Review - Hog Tied Prisoner - Solo) yes Jason Martin is back, brought in by Officer Denali dressed out in a black and white striped prison uniform but never fear, he leaves the jail, chained up / cuffed and shackled while wearing our traditional Orange Prisoner Uniform! His daddy never came to bail him out of trouble... the story behind his return to the GIL City jail is a bit more interesting! He is being "disposed of"! Enjoy this update and keep the feedback coming in, this update fills some of the feedback requests and suggestions!!!

10/16/16 Okay, we will not have Officer Denali start beating the prisoners... unless they really need it! The explosion of feedback we got about that question was pretty powerful. Yes Officer Denali is a good cop and treats all his intake prisoners with the utmost respect... when he is cuffing their hands and shackling their feet and chaining them up for transport to prison. So for now, no beatings. Officer Denali may put his police duty boots on some guys neck if he acts up in lockup, but other than that, no beatings! Just lots of strip searches, cuffs, shackles and chains for all the dudes in his jail lockup.

10/14/16 No, we didn't forget about you all for this weeks update!!! I didn't know there was so many of you reading this News and Info page! Lol! (GuysInLockup - Xander Berry - Arrest - Jailed Solo) is on the air right now!!! Xander is an average looking guy but looks really good in an orange prison uniform! Yes we hung some chain on him as well... cuffed, shackled, black boxed and chained from head to toe! He was a little smart with Officer Denali when he was first brought in, but by the end of the day, he hung his head in shame and disbelief that he was headed to prison. He was one of the first prisoners that just looked like he needed to be beat with Officer Denali's expandable club... but we thought we should check with you all and see if you thought the prisoners should be beat once in a while for good measure? Just curious of your thoughts:  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com Enjoy your weekend, there are guys in lockup all over the world that wish they enjoy theirs! 

10/7/16 It has been a wild week here at GuysInLockup with the weather being a pain in our asses! We have had some issues, however, we "should" have everything in place for tonights update at 8pm ET featuring a real US Marine! (GuysInLockup - Warren Mills - Arrest - Jailed - Solo) Yes! This guy looks oh so good decked out in chains and he is extremely humiliated to go from US Marine to US Inmate in the blink of an eye because he made a few bad choices in life! Check out how Officer Denali puts him at the Position Of Attention briefly... Why you ask? Because he can!!! Let us know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks again for all your support!!!

9/30/16 GuysInLockup is set and ready with this week's scene to hit the air at 8:00 PM ET (Vincenzo Ross - Embezzlement - Arrest & Solo) Officer Justin Denali arrested this white-collar criminal on a Friday, we pick the scene up when he is brouaght into the GIL City Jail, Cuffed and Shackled ready for booking, Strip Search and Cavity Search. He is 34 years old and never been in jail before. It appears at one point he is about to have a nervous breakdown. However, Officer Justin Denali calms the new inmate down as he strips him out of his Street Clothes and dresses him out in a well-fitting Prison Uniform so he can further relax on his jail bunk as he slowly comes to the realization that he's now locked up in jail as the Criminal Trash that he has become! Keep the feedback and ideas coming guys... we love it and put it into action every second we can!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

9/22/16 We here at GuysInLockup are excited that Criminal Convict Zack Wilson is back in custody... he is here for his 120-Day Call Back where the Judge reviews his progress while in custody over the last four months... It does not go well for Zack Wilson as he ends up Hog Tied on the bunk with his Mouth Taped Shut for a short spell!!! Yes, Officer Denali doesn't take crap from anyone as he deals with criminals all the time. Please let us know what you think of this latest video update: Zack Wilson - Transport and Hog Tied and his Mouth Duct Taped Shut  (actual title is much shorter) It will be on the air Friday at 8pm ET... You asked for him to be brought back so we did, so who is next??? Lol!

9/15/16 Our latest update: Steven Hall Bound & Gagged w/ Trent Deiter will go live Friday night at 8pm ET! This is a very hot video, not to mention a long video. When you have two guys in custody it makes the production much longer. Some procedures were updated and some were altered for time. This is not a dual sex scene but it is a hot sex scene with one inmate bound and gagged to his bunk for punishment and humiliation to be delivered by the other inmate while performing his "solo". Lots of shackled feet, cuffed hands, two guys chained in a chain gang method for transport in and out of the GIL City Jail Prisoner Intake Area! Those of you wanting to see Officer Justin Denali in an orange prison uniform... that can be seen for about 3 seconds in this video! So, as you go out and enjoy your Friday Evening, remember that these two studs are locked up in the county jail awaiting for transport to prison! Enjoy your freedom... while it lasts! Lol!

9/9/16 This weeks update Lee Turner Direct From Court and To Court For Arraignment - Solo will be on the air at 8:00 ET!! This man has really been locked up before and he said the way we handled him was very similar to his real life experience. Hope you enjoy, we did the "order to strip" in this video but as the poll results are evenly split, we most likely will alternate between Officer Denali doing the stripping and Officer Denali ordering the inmate / prisoner to strip! Keep the feedback coming!!! More cool scenes to come and we appreciate your support!!! 

9/3/16  Poll Results: Hey guys, we asked if you prefer that Officer Denali strips the prisoners or would you rather he order the prisoners to strip... So far 51% are for ordering the inmate to strip and 49% are for Officer Denali stripping them. A few responded with doing it by alternating between the two. We will keep the poll going a little longer to get a better sampling. Please email us with your ideas and vote on this poll! We want to hear from you, you guys are awesome!!! Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

9/2/16  We have been having fun with our hurricane moving through the area, in between power outages and fallen tree branches, we managed to still produce an update for this week! Yes, you can hear the rain come down during part of the filming of the episode... but like we said before, we don't stop processing or locking up a prisoner because of a little hurricane activity! Lol! The inmates must be be locked up rain or shine!!! This weeks update (Utah Davis - Arrest - Transport - Solo) will be on the air 8pm ET tonight (Friday 9/2/16)! Also, can we see a show of hands of who prefers the prisoner to be undressed / stripped by Officer Denali or ordered to strip by Officer Denali? Please send us your vote, ideas and feedback here: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com we love hearing from you! (a subscriber gave us the idea to do this question & vote session about the strip searches.) Thank you all for your help!!!

8/29/16  Okay, the problem is solved and the latest video update is on the air!!!  Enjoy and let's all have a great week and remember, there is some hot guy in some jail or prison serving time as we speak!!!  Lol!

8/27/16  Our latest update, at least the video portion, is still in conversion with our CMS... we are not sure what is going on with it.  We are working on fixing the issue and will have it on the site asap. Thank you for your understanding. The photo pack for this update is up however so we hope you will check them out as we work the problem with the video.  Thanks again! 

8/26/16  Our latest update goes live tonight at 8pm ET! (Steven Hall - Transport - Bondage - Solo) we put in a few ideas and requests from the feedback email... Officer Denali transports prisoner Steven Hall back to the GIL City Jail for some light bondage, humiliation and rehabilitation on Judge Henderson's orders! You don't want to complain to the Judge about Officer Justin Denali's booking procedures... you might just end up like Prison Inmate Steven Hall with your ass cuffed and shackled to the jail bars and your mouth duct taped shut!!! It could be a real ball crushing experience!!! Enjoy Inmate Steven Hall one last time before he is transported off to the state prison!!!

8/19/16  Our latest video is up and looking awesome... yes there is a rain storm right in the middle of the booking process and you can hear thunder in the background... we didn't stop to let the storm pass, jails don't stop booking in their criminals because of a rain storm... that is what you are hearing when it gets loud with pouring down rain noise and then the rumble of the thunder can be heard too! It was all cleared out when Officer Denali transports Criminal Trent Deiter out to county!  Let us know what you think of this little stud!!! Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

8/17/16  This latest update on Guys In Lockup should please a few folks that made special requests! (Trent Deiter - Arrest - Transport & Solo) will be on the air this Friday 8/19/16 at 8:00 PM ET and this 24 year old dude is no disappointment!  He looks good cuffed and shackled, naked, in orange and any other way we can have him. He's wearing black low cut Magnum HiTech Boots and they were just the right height for the shackle cuff to close around his ankle to secure his feet. A perfect fit and combination if you will! See you all on Friday for this hot stud and his booking procedure into Officer Justin Denali's Jail!!! Yes, we need your feedback still on this case and all the other cases as well... Email: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com 

8/12/16  This weeks update (Steven Hall - Arrest - Transport & Solo) goes live a little later today... Officer Justin Denali has a quick foot chase with this 22 year old blonde thug and after he's slammed against a fence, his tough / tight body is secured, hands and feet, for transport back to the jail for the strip search, cavity search and orange prison uniform dress-out! This is done so he can be safely locked in the GIL City Jail Cell to cool his heels while the wheels of justice slowly turn and he is sent to his final destination... Prison!!! Nobody out runs Officer Justin Denali... he's got cuffs, shackles and chains for you try! You are gonna love this scene... he was awesome to process!!!

8/05/16  We just turned on this weeks update... (Jason Martin - Transport & Solo) normally they go live at 8pm ET but we thought we should try to make up for the "white socks" being left on last weeks inmate while in lockup. It was a special request and we did it, but now we are back to locking up the more "traditional criminal" where the body is stripped clean, and so it is in this scene as is the standard protocol with processing an inmate for prison lockup in reality and on GuysInLockup! Lol! This is a scene where a 24 year old blonde headed kid is picked up at a County Jail for transport back to the GIL City Jail where he is observed during transport, starting to suffer from "affluenza" as he starts bragging his daddy will get him out of jail & trouble... but Officer Justin Denali cures him of it right quick as he is still in custody and headed to prison after a thorough cavity search!!

8/02/16  We made it to August!!! We have had tons of great emails on the Video Update from last week. Yes, we did leave the socks on the inmate for a reason... it was the thought of those socks on the inmate's feet, were in his work boots as he was a free man, now his socks are making contact with the jail floor and his prison flip flops as a convict! It was a special request from some of our members! Let us know what you want to see, within reason of course! A lot of our GuysInLockup members were fans of the Mens Central Prison in California! That was a cool set up!!! Yes, we would like to do personal lockup sessions with guys like they once did, however, it is not possible to do them just yet. We are in production most of the week and even though we might open the doors for an arrest, booking, strip search and jail stay down the road, we are not able to squeeze them in just yet with our heavy production load. We would like to hear from who is interested, what scenario's you are interested in and such. We also want to give a shout out to www.MetalBondNYC.com for linking to our website... We are in the process of setting up a links page so we can link back to them as well as other cool websites of this style of content. Please rate us high on any and all PornHub type sites that run our two Free Preview / Trailers... We are always in need of more subscribers! Like always, we thank you for your support and keep your cuffs real tight!!!

7/28/16  Okay, here's the deal with the latest Guys In Lockup prisoner to end up in the GIL City Jail.  (Ryan Evans - Arrest & Solo) We were contacted by a member of our site that wanted to see his friend put through our system. We have been asked before to open our cell door to members who enjoy this kind of content and would like to actually be put through our system.  We couldn't make it happen mostly because of distance... Mens Central Prison in California was run by some awesome guys who actually only did "lock up programs" with no "adult porn website" like ours involved, so we know it can happen but it was just not an easy thing to make work with our setup. So when a member contacted us to have his friend locked up and he was only an hour south of us, well we couldn't say no and we structured an agreement where he was NOT told ahead of production of what was going to happen or when. Some of the camera angles are a little off because he would move in and out of frame on occasion but for the most part, everything you see is his natural reaction to what we are doing. We would scream "Pause" so we could reposition cameras but he was completely surprised with everything else and did his "jerk off" scene without instruction as well. He spent the entire police car ride with his hands cuffed and his feet (boots) shackled.  Even the day we showed up to start filming, he said, "Oh am I going to jail today? Let me shave first." We said no, we are taking you as you are right here and right now... no change of clothes or shaving or anything... which is exactly how it would have went down in real life.  The banter back and forth in the car, his reaction to getting handled in booking, the arrest for the staged crime... was all his natural reaction as if it were very real, some was very quiet but very real.  We also implemented a bunch of the ideas you all have been sending us through Feedback@GuysInLockup.com So please keep them coming... we love making this stuff work! This video update is as real as it gets folks!!!  It airs Friday Night at 8pm ET 7/29/16

7/22/16  Our latest video will be up later tonight at 8pm ET.  (Owen Thomas - Arrest & Solo) This case was a special request from one of our subscribers.  He is a black man and as it was told to me, this dude has thug written all over him and would look awesome in chains and an orange uniform!!! So we got him... bling and all!!!  Let us know what you think and if there is someone you know that would look good in lockup... well, let's just say, we love special requests where a guy wants a buddy of his to be locked up for a while or at least to be seen trying to walk with his feet shackled and his hands black-boxed!  Lol!  

7/14/16  Our latest video (Quinton Nevins - Arrest & Solo) is locked and loaded to show on the site for Friday (tomorrow)! This guy is built like a brick shit-house!!!  He has muscles on his muscles!!! Of course for GuysInLockup... He is on his way to prison for sure as he was caught Breaking and Entering... that's B&E for all you Shawshank Redemption fans! He was wearing only no-show socks and after being walked more than anyone has ever been walked in shackles (At least for the Guys In Lockup Prisoners) it wore a raw spot on the back of one of his ankles. That's part of being a prisoner that is caught and then locked up, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!! On a side note: The constant roar of sound you hear that sounds like static?  That is actually what jails sound like on the inside with the air-handling system. It's as real as it gets with the GIL City Jail and GuysInLockup.com, we can't change the sound from being real! Enjoy this guy... he is hot and locked up!!!

7/08/16  Our latest video (Pablo Garcia - Direct From Court - Solo) is up on the site for your viewing pleasure! This will most likely be Pablo's last video with us because the Judge sent him to Prison for four (4) years! Who knows, maybe we will see him when he gets out! Lol! On a side note: Can I get a show of hands if you like or enjoy the picture packs?? Those are very difficult to produce as each and every picture is hand selected. Never hear any comments about the Pic-Packs. Just curious. Enjoy your weekend and say a special prayer for all those guys in lockup that are serving time!  (Pablo would appreciate it for sure!!!) Lol!

7/01/16  Our latest video (Ian Riley - Arrest & Solo) goes live tonight (Friday) at 8pm ET... This guy is a real cowboy-type construction worker with the work boots and all. Rough and rugged but always looks better in an orange prison uniform! We incorporated a few of the things you guys have been asking for. Keep the feedback coming, that way we don't have to try and pull this stuff out of our ass for good ideas... Quick note: It's going to be a bit before inmates will be showering. That is the biggest request we get... "have them take a shower before the uniform". As we get bigger, I promise you, we will add that, we can't at the moment though. In the meantime, thank you all for supporting us with this site. Let's see where we can take it! Have a great and safe 4th of July!!!

6/23/16  Our latest video (Hunter Roberts - Arrest & Solo) goes live Friday Night at 8pm ET as long as nothing strange happens with weather and other acts of god! Lol! On that note, we are in the process of re-compressing two of our more popular videos:  Mark Williams - Direct From Court and Daniel Brady and Brian Coleman - Jail Bondage so they are a little faster to download and are still the super high quality at the same time.  We are reviewing other large file videos as well and might re-compress a few more videos the same way! Keep the feedback coming as we try to add in as many ideas as we can for what you want to see! I will tell you this, we have had some AWESOME ideas provided to us and if there is a way we can do them, we are going to do them and some of them have been added already! Thank you for your support as well!  We are doing our best to make this site well worth it, the best Jail Video Site on the net all the while keeping costs in-check for us all!!! Hit us up with your ideas: Feedback@GuysInLockup.com

6/17/16  Our latest video (Garrett Parker - Arrest & Solo) goes live tonight 8pm ET... I think this video is one of the best we have done so far since we launched!!!  Guys, give us feedback, we want to know your thoughts and ideas!!!  You will notice a few requests are answered in this one!  Have a great weekend and tell your friends about us if they are into it as well!!

Please join us in thought and prayer for the victims of the terrible tragedy in Orlando, Florida... No matter the reason, it is again, absolutely senseless for this to ever occur in our world to such innocent and beautiful people. As Elton John said, "It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain."  SMH

6/10/16 Our latest video Daniel Brady - Revoked House Arrest - Solo is on the air!!!  The pic pack is still loading up photos but there are like a 150 already loaded that you can see!  Let us know what you think through the feedback!!!  Feedback@GuysInLockup.com