Model: Cody Cooper, Jay Amron   Posted: Tue, 20 August 2019

Watch the GuysInLockup Free Preview Video now! Cody Cooper gets arrested by GIL City Officer Justin Denali, cuffed and shackled, transported and booked into the GIL City Jail after some time to relax in the jail cell the prisoner / inmate begins self-pleasuring out of boredom! His work boots and his feet were shackled to prevent escape at the arrest scene, of course his clothing was removed and stored so he was left to feel himself through his prison uniform while cooling his heels in jail!!! Guys In Lockup is the best example of accurate prisoner handling proceedures right from the arrest, prisoner strip search through the prisoner chain up for transport out to prison. Join the GuysInLockup experience and come serve some time for Officer Justin Denali at the GIL City Jail!


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