Model: Arresting Officer Justin Denali, Jay Amron   Posted: Mon, 19 August 2019

GUYS IN LOCKUP FREE PREVIEW - is an adult website that is Jail and Prison Lockup Themed that has a big focus on procedure like found in a real life jail.  Everything is real with the GuysInLockup production with Hi Def Video of the arrest scene, booking, strip search, cavity search, prisoner dress-out, prisoner lock up, then the prisoner or prisoners deliver a cum shot which we roll three times in a row for your viewing pleasure near the end.  Each prisoner is decked out in cuffs, shackles, black boxed and belly chained for transport into or out of the GIL City Jail.  We have a wide range of guys brought in for lockup for various crimes... so GuysInLockup will sure to please you!  If you or someone you know is going to jail or prison, come see what it is like inside a jail where the good public never gets to see. We have a feedback email system that is very active... we want to know what you like, don't like and want to see more of!!! Come serve some time for Officer Justin Denali at


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